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A5 BMS9 Japanese Kobe Wine Beef Picanha Steaks

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Kobe wine beef comes from the world-renowned Hyogo prefecture in Kobe, Japan. The cows that produce Kobe wine beef are fed grape lees, which are a byproduct of wine production from the local wine industry in Kobe. This feed increases the level of polyphenol in the cows, which naturally reduces their stress levels and produces an incredibly tender beef. These steaks have a marble score of BMS9 and a grade of A5, which is the highest grade given to Japanese Wagyu Beef. Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

*Steaks sold individually*

A whole picanha is the entire cap taken off the top sirloin and these steaks are cut from that cap which result in a juicy, rich, and flavorful steak.